Blue team I choose you poster


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Jake ShaibuWe still need him to be around with his magic. There was more for him to still do. He died way too early. And he left quite a legacy.1 . David HalpinGeorge best died on the same day 15 years ago , two of the best players ever . Bet they having a kick about up there right now 1 . Anthony CusickW I’ll always be remembered for his ‘ hands of God’s cheating in the world cup his drugs scandal in Italy1 . Peter MuhweziHeroes come and go but legends are forever2 . Issa BinaliAs we join millions and millions of pple who are all talking good about life of this great man I wish to pray to Almighty Allah to forgive his shortcoming I know as the earth is full of mouldy one day he would have fallen in it so we ask Allah to forgi… See More  Blue team I choose you poster

Blue team I choose you poster

Blue team I choose you poster A1

Well said rio. Lack of leadership but lots of dealerships.. Soon as he went off yesterday there 0 leaders. Harry isn’t a captain!. Fernándes should be capt. Surprised with ole. Bruno is a great leader so is , Matic and Cavani , you this ex footballers criticize too much. Look on the bright side Man Utd fans. You are beating a team full of old rejects 2-0 tonight so congratulations. That goal reminded me of a Scholes classic!. This post is so inspirational it touched my heart, soul, mind, ears, eyes, nose, skin, kidneys, lungs, adrenal glands, aorta, pancreas, liver, spleen, cerebral cortex, and gastrointestinal track.. Rio belongs to different generation. Bruno should be given captain band. Spot on! I think it will take a long time before somebody of your calibre comes into the old trafford dressing room again. Rio, I hope you’re doing well. Right yes there is no leaders who will pull players a side and give them a right hiding for playing a bad ball or losing a ball in possession. All the Manchester United ex-players, need to stop comparing the we had under … See More Blue team I choose you poster

Blue team I choose you poster

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