Be strong be brave be humble be badass nurses poster


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Conversations are only helpful if both parties share a common value to center the conversation around. Like evidence or reason.. I would like her to talk to trump and prove what she is saying.. This would drive me to drink and trigger my IBS.. I’m not about to plead my humanity with anyone. Have fun with that!. I think understanding the “why” versus “what”, will sometimes but not always, lead to a better understanding and connection of another but managing expectations for the conversation and knowing when to end it gently is also important. I try not to draw… See More. Well that’s not easy, but i am interested in why they think how they think. It’s a shame most people are not willing to share their thoughts without being at the offensive.. You can’t have a conversation with someone how has to be taught logic and reason. That is not a conversation and I’m not a teacher.

Be strong be brave be humble be badass nurses poster

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Total waste of time and energy. It also works counterproductive. I’d rather have that productive conversation with like-minded people. This is called wisdom gained from the repetitive lesson with toxic people.. Sometimes even explaining why someone is wrong only serves to satisfy our desire to expose someone’s error, not correct it. Sometimes – even and perhaps especially when they don’t deserve it – people need to be engaged with emotionally, before their mi… See More. It depends if the the person is rational enough to speak with and willing. I try to encourage meeting at a place of understanding. Sometimes this is not a healthy exchange therefore best to avoid. Sometimes it works and other times it’s best to walk aw… See More. I have done this many times. But often when the discussion moves toward Right / Left, Republican / Democrat, they often will not have any valid points to discuss. If I ask a why question they respond with it is just because. Seldom is there any evidenc… See More

Be strong be brave be humble be badass nurses poster

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Thanks so much for giving the orange puppet ideas! Now we know what’s gonna happen.. Not gonna happen this time.. Can’t believe anyone listens to Van Jones. He’s correct maybe 1 out of a 100 times at best.. Lol there are no safeguards in the constitution.. It is not a glitch in voting, it is a future that works against populism.. He just described to us how Biden won’t succeed but still try. This is nonsense. It is a conspiracy theory that seeks to manipulate less informed voters by suggesting that the US Constitution says something that it absolutely does not say.. I think both sides are completely nuts with fear mongering and manipulating mechanisms including the press and social media . We have a real problem when people think one side is less corrupt than the other side. Sounds like Sleepy Joe!. Don’t give Trump any ideas. He’s unhinged enough as it is.

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“A true fact.” As opposed to the false facts…. Stop feeding the fear … we are maxed out… ….yeah this is definitely not ending well.. Maybe time for a change then??? . Can Jones is so awesome!. Luckily it will be a landslide . So what is the point in voting?. Omg learn why!! Everyone in California can vote one way and the electoral votes go to whomever wins…but one person in Texas can vote and all the electoral votes go to the other. States are independent of each other and voting in your state represents… See More. They man they NEED to be in charge is the man who will end up in charge. Votes mean nothing. That’s just for television to make things look on the level.. I’m sure he’s referring to Trump, but will remind him

Hillary Clinton to Biden: Don’t concede if the election is close
Hillary Clinton to Biden: Don’t concede if the election is close

You got a great voice for a children’s show . Like the democrats didn’t do last time. This scares the hell out of me!. A candidate can make a concession speech and still be elected president. Mr Van Jones, I have a question. Did democrats really paid attention to Russia this time again ? I think no, they didn’t. I think Russia interfered and succeeded again. How can democrats be so weak ?. Van, wake up. He’s not conceding.. An avowed communist lecturing about the US Constitution. Come on TED, can’t you do better than this…??. Grow up Ted! you’re losing my respect!. So scarey given our current situation!!!. Oh, dear stuttering TED… You keep repeating yourself… We get who you want to back. There’s really no need to imitate him…. Isn’t our system a joke?!
I have to laugh at it!. Where was Hillary’s concession speech… we missed it.

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