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How are you wearing a hat in doors? Turn the heating on Dave. Lili Ibunya Luna. Thankfully you’re not stretching in those white socks and black sliders . Nobody is waking up and doing that Dave but cheers for the tip. Easy peasey & I am 74. Also my husband can do it & he is 77. You are my favourite but I dont know how I can meet or see you in my life.. Going to bed early and getting up earlier than needed to take your grown kids to School when you dont need to work . Can you come and play one game for my team . We are over 35s and get tonked everyweek . I will pay for your flights too Australia. But cant afford first class and only you as I can’t afford all your family aswel . I have have a clear out before the school run Baby yoda why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

Baby yoda why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

Baby yod why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster A1

If you get stuck, Ill give you a hand next time . That’s right. You have a luxurious life. my hero all the time, I was always considered my father and all my relatives call me Beckham. Jairo Franco. Chris Popplewell. Have you been teaching David. This is what you got me to do isn’t it?. Tried that one at Yoga Zoom the other night. Not a chance of grabbing my foot!! . Looking at you is a great start to my day . Would you likevto be my personal trainer.pkease david becks. I got out of bed that’s my exercise done! thanks for shaming me Mr Beckham . Adidas will be happy.. This photo touched my life .. The king looking good, . Good luck David from cambodian fan . Jen Smith. I LIKE YOUR HAT AND LOVE YOUR FACE. thank father love harper number one. Jiří Janota. Love the hat ….. what are you cold ?? Baby yoda why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

Baby yoda why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

Baby yod why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster A2

His football IQ is so strong cant find a deadlier genius #9 in football history yet. Coupled with Beckham’s pin-point crosses. Galactico’s best era.. More than a striker he is a machine I think we are lucky to watch him, regards el fenomeno happy birthday. that assist ! pure gold. Legend the best of Uk. 1st goal is a Penalty spot scoring touch” and the 2nd goal ” Be at the right place at the right moment scoring touch” – great players performing at the great arena stage.. What a pass that was, at your peak there David. . Guess who’s my 1st legendary pull in PES 2021? DB7. Rich Morris this pass mate. We was both wrong who received it. But also still only a very few pros . Who can pass it like that. From that position on the pitch.. Lee James Bullock. That’s Spanish David?. Why only real give something to manu

Baby yod why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster A3

Happy Sunday from Jakarta. Mary Sarrantonio. Carrie Louise. Happy Sunday to you too dear David and your lovely family xxx. Happy Sunday David and too all your family xx. Happy Sunday back at you. Wishing you and your family a blessed weekend.. Happy Sunday David to you and youre family.xx. Happy Sunday, to you all too, David and Family. Xx . Happy Sunday to you and to your entire family. Happy sunday D Abod haver a blessed day. Happy Sunday and have a blessed Sunday.. Happy Sunday too. May the love of Jesus always come to us all.. Happy Sunday David.have a blessed day. Happy Sunday to you and your family have a great day. Springsteen and Beckham.. Have a good day stay safe love to all your family. Sorry if this isn’t allowed, but we need to get everyone behind us in any way we can if we are to stand a chance of making a change

Wanna play right wing for man utd this season? We could really use you. Seriously. Wish i was one of the mums on your school run . Yep that fits with the white square . I tried that this morning and I’ll be honest it didn’t take the ambulance long to get to mine . I want to see you play soccer one more time.. You are still very fit. Yep sure is we do this at Pilates. Why the hat love. Hello day. It hurts I perform Facebook itself. Are you fine . Tuy Love you .. If I got into that position I would never get up again . Really Mr Beckham ?! Do you have to rub our noses in it !!!! I think I want to puke . He is running out of body to paint !!. Looking fit , toned , healthy and hot as always

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