American flat track if everything seems under control poster


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The Great Reset. Your beloved Prince Charming Trudeau is throwing your country to the dogs. Scammer.. Vlado Dodik. Chris Adams. Yes, let’s vaccinate the whole world….that’s the master plan people. Then see what they force on us next!. Canada has always been kind and generous to poorer countries.. Take care of us Canadians before giving to other countries.. Let’s hope Canadians get it first!. He should think of Canadians too.. every single vaccine created should be charged back to China.. Samuel McKittrick. Amazing the quantity in such little time. Vaccination centres be like Play GIF. Richard Carr. I’m certainly willing to donate my share of vaccine to anyone who needs/wants it….however, I am conflicted in that I just don’t believe it has been proven effective and/or safe enough for anyone to be receiving yet. Nor do I think it’s moral to send … See More. Somebody put Trudeau out of this countries misery already!!

American flat track if everything seems under control poster

American flat track if everything seems under control poster A1

I wear a mask for 12 hours a day. People complain about wearing them for 30min while shopping. Get a life. Find better things to complain about. Hope you still tell your kids to wash their milk teeth even though they argue that they fall off anyway.. Yo the pandemic would be avoidable if WHO didn’t cover it up. Thought The Who retired!. Travis Nims. Vida Cusick. But 70 to 80% of mask wearers are testing positive . Kevin Insley. We have in NM hasn’t helped!. No It wouldn’t it’s bullshit it started in wuhan where they wear mask and always have they still got it. I think that’s a ” DUH ! ” at this point…am I right ! Wear the damn mask !!. People still go into shops without them though…. Steven Bold. Yeah nah, after the WHO jumped into bed with China I lost all respect for anything they have to say. They can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned.

American flat track if everything seems under control poster

American flat track if everything seems under control poster A2

WHO is part of the reason we are here. They allowed China to tell lies and backed them on said lies, without checking. But even we put blame aside (again) didn’t Dr Fauci say masks were “mostly symbolic”?. Tristan Brubaker. uhhh I have seen more people pulling masks passed their nose to cover their mouth, share drinks a bite if food etc .. seriously you think everyone is now going totake a class. lets remember. it was a Chineses researcher.. accoring to China that ” ac… See More. WHO also said they are in the process of making a vaccine… Corona recently celebrated its first birthday. WHO cares!. I’ll let you all know how it goes when I get back from my meetings in Hawaii. WHO are corrupt af!!! Not wore a mask since march never been sick and no I’m not a carrier !! It’s actually hilarious now this whole pantomime

American flat track if everything seems under control poster A3

Yunlang Xu. Masks are proven to be ineffective.. Meanwhile people with potato brains like to fight the system, to try and convince us “sheep”, its better to be a potato.. Rest of the world: Gets covid
Rest of the world: Mandates masks and quarantine. Yeah, but we’re American and rules and caring about others doesn’t apply to us. This WHO all way say some stupid thing, we are all way wwar mashed, but thosw stupid demorats governor’s still lock down the city because they are a dictated. In time WHO want you to think that they are care for you, most of the mash out there is MAKE… See More. Companies wouldn’t be spending millions developing a vaccine if all they had to do was distribute masks.. I have the best idea! Let’s all throw our masks away, go about life as usual and keep spreading the disease!
Play GIF. If lockdown worked the first time why the second lockdown?

it has nothing but control issues. most masks are worn how many time . how safe is that you all.. If businesses had a mask policy and masks work then there wouldn’t be a need to close them !!!. Don’t 95% wear them anyway? I’d say higher judging by my shopping sheep-ometer.. Lockdowns would be 100% avoided if the government would stay out of peoples business.. This whole situation would be avoided if China actually did something other than lying.. I’ve seen significantly more people complain about others not wearing masks as opposed to people not actually wearing masks.. A lot of American’s(namely the people that have a problem with masks and lockdowns) are childish and the literal reason we need to wear masks and initiate lockdowns. You can’t reason with them, you cant convince them otherwise that their personal agend… See More. The Who also said “We don’t get fooled again”

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