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I told her, if I could take her hand and magically transport her back in time, she would just pass out at how nice it used to be here. How 38th Street was alive, all the shops were going, how Clifton was busy, just how nice are these run down areas were. Those WERE the good old days. What’s so bad is what do they have to look back on now and reminisce like we do.

  • nothing, all the killing that’s going on don’t know who to trust, friends killing friends we living out the revelation as it unfold right before our eyes, this society is horrible!! I know. I remember the wishing pool, and G.C. Murphy’s had the best subs and popcorn. Sycamore Shop, Paul Harris, Ayres and the Tea Room. Man!
  • It’s funny. My daughter will be 41 this year. I remember being nervous when I was carrying her back then because I thought the world was in the end of times then. that was when the middle East was super bad and they were blowing each other up. terrorism may have just started. it’s just deteriorated since then . I feel like we’re living in the beginning of The walking Dead. And they just had a son. There’s no telling what is going to look like when he’s grown.

I grew up on the Eastside, going west to Lafayette Square was the place to go- it was like going to the old school Castleton but across town. Those two malls were bigger than Glendale ( which was also cool in the 80s)

it’s still there but very few independent shops in there now I guess. Your car can get broken into. It’s a sad place now. oh my goodness! I totally forgot about blocks! I love that store. I remember that’s where I would always go to buy my Chloe perfume

Dorothy’s was one of my favorites to. I started shopping there when it opened on 16th street across from the 500 track before it opened in the mall’s I remember the radio commercials for Dorothy’s!. A man would advertize the praises of Dorothy’s….”because my wife IS Dorothy!” He’d say


Yoga Let That Shit Go poster

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