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The owner of the store, a Somali, had no need to call the police, his life wasn’t in danger, and if you listen to the 911 call the owner didn’t even know if the person who gave them the fake bill was a man or a woman, black or white it is almost he was being dictated from VIP…the white policeman killed Floyd and should be arrested but so the Somali owner who started it all. if you listen to the 911 call from the owner to the police they find the fake $20 bills after Floyd left the store….if it was you accused of fake $20 after you left the store and police arrested you, what would you do?….the owner was never in danger, he should never had called the cops…plus listen to the phone call and you will realize that Floyd was a target, a victim. that store owner should have pulled his own gun, made floyd get on the ground and wait for the cops. The problem was Floyd was high on fentanyl and meth. He also had drugs on his body that you can see him drop while being walked to the corner. However, the cops killed this man. I think Floyd was picked by the left because they knew they could easily control a druggie and the death by cop was what they wanted. And the trouble begins. And Trump haters….. Might wanna stock pile on Kleenex. Gonna be another fucking 4 years of crying like you’ve already done for 4 years. Dam I feel sorry for u haters. Ya’ll are crazy to think Joe Biden would ever beat Trump. Trump beat out Hilary Clinton! Who actually knew a thing or two about politics. Biden doesn’t even know where he’s at most of the time.  4 more years of his fragile ego? 4 more years of tyranny and economic collapse over a cold?? 4 more years of self-indulgent narcissism at the cost of people, jobs, lives, livelihoods, prestige, economic value, and dignity. hurray! ………i mean, when they stack the deck by placing the creepy pedo up against him – its hard to vote the other way….. perhaps this is a good time to re-examine this whole two-party one agenda thing….. oh, and welcome to the Multinational Corporate New World Order – brought to you proudly and bigly by DJT, his allies in the media, and his allies in the single party pretending to be two – and by his idiot base of cult-like morons. many of which are STILL larping Q nonsense…. tunnels… lol, how’s that working out?? #lockherup ? anyone? how’s that going? what % of that big beautiful wall is built? so, 4 more years of failure on top of all the other? GD, we’re boned.















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