Wore A Mask Before It Was Cool face mask


Wore A Mask Before It Was Cool face mask

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Late with commenting….but oh, I would never unfollow you and it is my hope that we will still be friends 20 years from now when Amos is 26, if I am still alive. I would NEVER unfriend you, ever. And I know we occasionally disagree on things, but most things you actually do agree with me. You stand up for the right things. You have concern about missing children, write about children who get senseless murdered and memorialize them, stand up for Autistic children when they get mistreated in public schools, and genuinely care about people. What is there NOT to like about you? You are also very understanding of me with all my problems in relation to my Autism. Not everyone is understanding or even tolerant of me.
Also, hehe, about wearing your kids’ shoes to the store, I hope you mean Thomas or Russell, right? I would hope not Amos? Unless your feet are the size of a 5 year old or something else I don’t know about. I would have certainly thought it would have been hilarious if you were able to fit into the T strap shoes or double buckle T strap shoes Amos was wearing when he was 4. Hilarious not because of the style of shoe (as I have worn t strap shoes too, but in my size) but because if you could fit into a preschooler sized shoe, that would be hilarious.
And no, you’re no smart ass at all! I find you to be very witty and funny. I find Amos to be rather humorous too – who said Autistic people couldn’t be humorous? Amos and I are great examples of humorous Autistic people!!!
I voted for Trump in 2016 just like you, and I’m going to vote for him again this November! I do not like EVERY single policy he has, but I do with most of them and given the only other option of Biden, I’m voting for Trump. I don’t think total socialism is quite the answer for sure. And definitely not an anarchy.
You probably have no idea how much I love you and your family and what you do for some people in the Autism community. If I got in trouble with the law (not that I am going to), the first person I’d call to defend me would be your hubby!
Take care of yourself! Love you, Amos, Russell, Blair, “Little” Thomas and your husband a lot!! Stay safe from COVID 19! Codi Preston D.

















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