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with Trump it’s age and wisdom. But he also works tirelessly. He makes Americans proud. Especially after the president we had before him. And look who the democrat candidate is? Of all the democrats to pick from, this is who they come up with…a old senile con man? Sad

  • Janeman Jackson are you being bullied out there Jackson? You don’t need to be like him. To be loved is better than to be feared by many. He is just a man, he is not God. Right now, he is missing, I know he is not dead, they probably working him to be a robot, so he will live forever.
  • North Korea is manufacturing robots to replace manpower. There is not a lot of babies there, because most people are malnourished, so if there’s no babies, there’s no future. The Regime slaves their people, and whoever is against their policy they kill. Regime don’t feed people real food, they starve children so they can’t think. Read books Jackson.
  • Some people read this as if he is praising him. I feel he is letting us know that we should not be thinking that man is dead and to be on alert. It’s how you read a status, Fools like you don’t understand peace and what it takes to keep peace. Just because you hate N Korea doesn’t mean we have to.

I can barely read whatever it is you just “wrote”, but thanks for chiming in! Perhaps the joy you feel that a murdering dictator from North Korea is in good health has muddled your spelling and punctuation.

and what exactly are the facts you wish to discuss? That your president wishes good health for the dictator who wants to use nuclear weapons against us? I expected from a brain dead member of Cult 45. Truth is, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Never underestimate an old woman with cats and sewing skills poster

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