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My heart is so heavy for your loss. He will forever be in your heart and soul! You have lots of friends here if you ever need us. Hugs!! I’m so very sorry, you did such a selfless act of humane and not let him suffer. I have done the same several times and even though it breaks my heart I always know its the right thing to do.

  • So sorry for your loss. I lost my little boy aug. 25 2019. Still cry an miss him every minute of everyday. He was 16, I too held him till he passed. Before the sleep shot I was holding him an he reached up an kissed my face an hugged me.
  • Hello furbaby and Moonpie Starbox lovers. It was my intention to like and thank every single one of you who have taken the time to post here. I didn’t realize what an undertaking I committed myself to. I never expected such a warm, tender, sympathetic, and heartfelt response from so many people.
  • Please consider this my personal response to all of you who have responded, even if you did not make a comment. I still miss Sir Andre Poopsalot more than I thought possible but please know that I have read all of your comments and you have all made a difficult time easier somehow. You have all truly warned my soul. Thank you everyone!

So sorry to hear this! Tears ran down my face as I was reading. We love our fur babies as if they were our own little children. I sympathize with you sweetheart, and know how heartbroken you are. Ahhh more, more, more videos! They make me smile admist all the chaos in the world rn. I love these, especially seeing xyla smile and light up like that

I can’t get over how precious she is and just how in your element you all are! Just enjoying each other company and loving life through music! Love you guys so so much, I remember when you guys first uploaded this cover it was amazing and I downloaded it right away and now with Xyla it feels like I have to again because Xyla added toooo muchhhh cutenesss aaahhhkkk. Stay safe


Buckle up buttercup you just flipped my witch switch Pug Dog shirt, hoodie ,tank top

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