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I visited York 20 years ago. It was, by far, the highlight of my time in England. I loved the walkability and the history just there to be absorbed. I hope I can get back there one day.

York was definitely one of my favorite cities! I visited while I was studying in England for a semester more than 20 years ago and I can still smell the Jorvik Viking Museum, feel the brick on the walls, and hear the clanging of the minster bells!

Thanks for the uplift. Totally bummed about closures and infection rates. I had so hoped this would be in control by now and I could plan a trip…

  • Enjoyed a day here back in 2008. Took an enjoyable ghost tour at night that started at the York Minster. Would have loved to stay longer to see more of the old part of the city. Had tea outside along the river during the Food and Wine Festival. Dinner near the Tower. Someday I will go back.
  • My favourite city back home. Such a wide range of history there. Remember visiting in the late-ish 70’s when they discovered Jorvik while digging foundations for some development or other. The minute old remains are found all building work has to stop and a complete ‘dig’ takes place. There was scaffolding all around the site but with many viewpoints in the ‘walls’ so people could watch the dig.\I visited York last summer and it was delightful! The Minster, walking the wall, the Viking center, the Shambles – it was all wonderful!
  •  I went to York last year (for the first time in 26 years). It’s a great city, bustling with people and so much history. I can’t wait to go again.

York is one of my favourite cities. And very sensible the city fathers were too, to not allow a railway station to desecrate the city walls. I wasn’t that impressed by The Shambles, but I loved the Yorvik exhibition…fantastically well done.  Would love a just history sightseeing travel guide of Europe by Rick Steves. I travel mostly for history.

If you enjoyed York, you should visit Chester. Its also absolutely stunning and surrounded by the original city walls, along which you can circumnavigate about 90% of the city along the walls. They were equally sensible, and the railway station sits further away….

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