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you blame Trump for the spread of the virus, but when he wanted borders closed at the beginning the dems yelled racist, even when china and the WHO were lying. Crazy pelosi was still planning a trip. Now democrat run cities are allowing massive protesting and rioting and extremely large groups to gather, but everyone wants to yell that’s Trump Rallies are going to spread the virus. Go put your mask back on and stick your head back up your ass you unpatriotic basement dweller.

  • Democratic governors put infected people in nursing homes which contributed to those deaths. Furthermore, all of the so called peaceful protests probably did too. Maybe you should put your Trump hate aside and watch something besides mainstream media! Most Democrats don’t have the ability to be honest, not even with themselves.
  • The socialist Antifa Democrat Biden unruly mob supporters are the ones burning down our country. Way to stand tall with all our patriotic President Trump supporters Kid Rock
  • Chris Lee Free healthcare??? Are you serious? Nothing is free. How do you think it would be paid for? Our taxes would just go up tremendously. Are you really that dense. Or do you think the dems would take a pay cut to pay for it? Again, nothing is free!!!

this pandemic has got everyone scared to do anything they are trying to control us, Sweden has hardly any cases now and only averaging about 1 death a day and they didn’t close anything down

guess you missed the multiple interviews with the female Chinese scientist who literally worked in the Hunan lab and said the virus was created in the lab. She speaks from 1st hand knowledge and is believed to have escaped to the  US in hiding because she would have been as she said “disappeared” and killed for speaking out.

In a world where you can be anything be kind Elephant poster

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