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God Bless Mr. PRESIDENT TRUMP…the best leader who take cares of America like a father to his children…8 more years and Mr. PRESIDENT TRUMP will make America the happiest family on planet earth. Fauc has taken both sides of every question, so he can always say he was right. Yeah, but it’s also a fact that he was wrong

  • . If covid symptoms are mild to non-existent in children, wouldnt you want them to catch it young? I get that it’s scary to let your kid possibly get sick with a new virus but do you prefer they catch it as an adult when it’s much worse or take a shady, rushed vaccine and risk vaccine injury?
  • Enough is enough!!!!! Get the kids back in school…let the teachers go who choose not to come back…find dedicated teachers who will educate our children not indoctrinated them!!!!! The Teachers Union is a travesty they are the ruin of our children. Showing your lack of intelligence again. The more data that is captured the more the scientists can extrapolate trends and have better business intelligence. As the pandemic went on they came to you with revised data and made recommendations.
  • You in your infinite wisdom considered the matter closed and you now have to be reactive to any threats the virus poses. President Trump has been right from day one. Bet he thinks that the Democrats invented this whole thing with the virus cause they have no platform to convince the American people to vote for them other than smear this whole covid to make Trump look bad.

Disappointing when Doctors keep changing their minds about Covid 19, maybe its time we just ignored them and went on with our lives as we always did when dealing with the regular flus that come along. Why is Fauci cool with kids going back to school now? I wonder if this is a set up by the left? Maybe they want a “Second Wave” (real or imagined) to hit the school systems so they can take away more freedom from the American people this second go around?

As if anyone would believe a word he says! One day he says one thing and the next day it’s the total opposite. He should just retire and go about his business. Parents have had a chance to see the indoctrinated and the teachers indoctrinating. School boards and principals, I meant principalities of evil. They should be in isolation so they do anymore damage to children. Oh yeah their part of cabal, gitmo.

We’re gonna have the hap hap happiest Christmas quote poster

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