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this is the same insurance. Trump hasn’t gotten a plan together for a new one but he wants to get rid of this before he comes up with a new plan, You realize that ACA is still in place, Trump has done nothing to it except get rid of the mandate and try to destroy it.

  • Umm you do know we are still under Obama care? Trump has been trying to eliminate but hasnt yet mostly because he hasn’t presented anything to replace it. So the insurance you like now is under Obama. Please do your research.
  • Trump most certainly did. He brought back freemarket style Healthcare. Way better then what I had under ACA. I pay substantialy less where I can now buy a 3rd vehicle for pleasure, and have better coverage.
  • Opportunities abound all around us. Some grab them, some hesitate, some ignore. Funny enough, after sometime, those who grabbed them are happy, having attained success. Those who hesitated would want to start at that point because they have seen others succeed but they can never measure up with them
 ACA was never affordable. So many people had to pay such extravagant increase in premiums they lost their insurance and were forced to go on Obamacare with poor quality health care and higher deductibles as well. Then they were often only getting “catastrophic” insurance. “Catastrophic insurance is the new normal,” I was told, so “just take it and choke on it,” essentially.
 Yes, and because I could afford none of it, I was fined a $1000.00 on top of all of it, while ill. The Democrats know Judge Barrett will be confirmed. Their rantings are to the voters telling them how to vote in the Presidential election. They are essentially using this hearing to “interfere” with the election.
My children, family members and friends have never been able to afford Obama Care/ACA. It’s very expensive with poor coverage and high deductibles. I’m glad the President removed the penalty for not carrying insurance.


Welcome hope you brought bourbon and dog treats doormat

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