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I went to Mt Carmel back in the 80’s. Once I got the ruler across the knuckles and looked at the nun and laughed. Of course I also said, “Is that it”. Good times.

Sexually frustrated nuns take out their frustrations on kids. I would never tolerate that kind of abuse. The nun would have been looking for her teeth.

  • I was left-handed and she constantly hit my left knuckles with a ruler. Probably why I have so much arthritis in my hand. But she was good. K-8th. My two oldest children went there late 60s and she was still there. She was teaching only CCD at that point
  • Knowing this type of behavior, how could you allow your children to be treated that way? Crazy! Old school nuns are old fucking lunatics. That’s child abuse. I certainly remember Sister Margaret Jean, she got me really good with that ruler once!!! I had her in second grade.
  • I had a lot of relatives on my mom’s side that lived for years on Springdale Place. Last name was Schwab. that name Doesn’t ring a bell with me, sorry. Any other relatives that lived on Springdale Place you can name? I lived there from
    About 1952 to 1961, I think. For 7th and 8 grade I transferred to Cleveland Street School.
  • Graduated Orange HS 1966. Lived on Elm, Hillyer and later South Center St. Does anybody remember Dodd’s on I think Day Street? I’m from the 07050 if you don’t know that Zip Code then You Not from Here! And Don’t come to White Castles!!!

Then we moved uptown. Tremont pl.
across from private tennis club. We lived over a garage. My parents took care of the grounds for the Bishop Washburn. His mansion was on Berkeley. Gave his life in service to god oh yea he had a wife a maid and a chauffeur and grounds keepers.

Thank you! My son was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and ASD. I will research these options. I am worried we’re missing out on services that could help him.

CDSA is awesome! I really wish there was a similar program after they turned 3…not as intensive but I would love to have an assigned case worker and therapist that came out to our house and the sliding scale part esp because people may make more than poverty level but that doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling

You are so good at filling in the blanks for those that need the help ! So grateful for those and the power you have to reach the multitude!

Vote Removes Stubborn Orange Stains shirt, hoodie, tank top

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