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And also the help that we “think” people need may not be the help they needed, what if god did help her and turned her away from the porn industry, she is content where she is and even stated people underground have more respect towards eachother, her way out the industry could be in her favor god helping her out..

  • Have you ever heard of science. Have you ever heard of dinosaurs? Have you ever heard of superstition because people in BC didn’t understand science and created fantasies to fit their misunderstandings. Have you ever heard that religions exist to make money and keep peoples hopes alive with a fantasy that there might actually be hope.
  • Check out all those preschers with monolithic churches to match their hines, all their xars and planes. Talk about abuse of people. When you’re dead, you’re dead. You are born, you die.
  • I really dont give a f&ck what you think. At keast my thoughts are well thought out and reasoned and not just spewing out religious propaganda from a brainwashing.

.i don’t drink that kood aid. Mankind came from the seas, learned to walk and reason on their own. I don’t need a “monent” to think about something that many people are now believing for themselves which is why chuch attendance in America is dropping precipitously… we are wising up to what we’ve been fed all these centuries.

I may not have started it but I have every right to respond to something you made public and others brought up God. You don’t want comments…don’t post publicly.

Exactly…i have to hide my true self from religious zealots like you and your lemming friends who think some made up god is going to save them. Most of us call that schizophrenia. You can get helped through a psychiatrist and a few prescriptuons.

US Army Veteran American Flag 3D All Over Printed Hoodie

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