United States Air Force Flag Eagle face mask


United States Air Force Flag Eagle face mask3

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When American people are killing and destroying thats an act off war. I have not seen many so called protest that have been peaceful. If you don’t realize by now that there are bigger people with money funding these riots just ask yourself why? Many groups show up at these riots everytime one is happening. I am sure many are really protesting pulling out any or all things to claim they care. I feel that this sort of behaviour is not justified because if they really cared about the ones that have wrongfully been killed. they would care about their love ones and show respect not insight their memory with violence. Hatred and thugs are lashing out for their own mean filled lives. This is America and we permit anymore violence that is fueled with hate and violence. I am very sorry you think they have. A right. That means there’s more of you out there. Imagine if they came to your neighbor hood spraying graffiti and starting fires blocking roads destroying bldgs would you still consider them peaceful? They thrive on hate they thrive on the media they could care less about human lives or what they have chosen to protest. They only feel the powe of getting by with it too long!! Of the few that really care about causes I wish you well but a protest will not bring back anyone and another wrong dies not make it right. We have people ignorant enough to think that this is a black white situation that is trying to come between us as a nation. Look at other countries and see the results of all this Can’t reply to Elia. Snowflake must have been offended by my opinion and blocked me.
Well this is America and one thing that actually makes American great is two strangers can differ in opinion and still be civil and respectful. Ella Tucker You aren’t the silent majority, that’s what you’re calling yourselves now to confuse people about the actual silent majority. You people have never been silent.
And do you truly think all the Republicans are staying inside during all that like good little people? It’s just the dems? Take them rose colored glasses off lady, people from all walks of like are taking advantage of that situation, I guarantee you republicans and trump voters included.

















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