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He deserved it. Salah and Virgil were robbed of it aswell, itd probably gone to the other two or Madrid/Barcelona again for sponsorships anyway..

  • I don’t care. They have to give him What he deserves. He played, he scored. Why non giving the balón d’or? They played!!! Give him what he derserves. Bayern is Special , Bayern have 6 Champions League titles although 1999 and 2012 was soooo close with Little more luck they would have already 9 or 10
  • Ronaldo has not the support he had in Real, Messi’s Season was a disaster…so yeah you are the 2020 Ballon d’Or..Where ware you when they both were on their primes? It has to be 2020 to win the fcking prize..(a god damn year of disaster.) In your place I would be not that happy at all..
  • Yes absolutely! When they realized that they can’t rob it for Messi,they then decided to cancel it,on what grounds was it cancelled? If it’s about gathering for the presentation,are there not other ways to do it without social gathering? This world is full of dishonest people.

Think it’s shambles there not giving it to him been the best striker in the world last 10 years won every thing with bayern Munich this year would they have done the same to Messi or Ronaldo I don’t think so think he should kick off about it

He should have known in the world nothing is fair. Even though based on credits u feel that u deserved something u may not necessarily be the person to get it.

Realatives of Suresh Raina attacked in pathankot…his uncle was been killed in an attack & his aunt is in critical condition & family members are saverely injured

So sorry to hear this sad news fedor sending you my love and upmost respect from Newcastle United Kingdom thinking of you and your family my condolences.

2020 UEFA Champions League Bayern Munich shirt, tank top, hoodie

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