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Now, that is fine if you feel that way, but here is the problem. That argument is very important to another cause. The main anti-abortion, prolife argument is that the unborn child has a constitutional right to life. But, if you are prolife, and then you cannot claim your constitutional rights are being infringed on because you believe that all humans have a right to life, once they are alive, and your desire to break lockdowns infringes on that right to life in others. So, you have to pick

  • Either you are anti-abortion, and so you support lockdowns because they protect peoples constitutional right to life, or you are pro-abortion, and so you want the lockdowns to stop, because you believe that a person can infringe on another’s constitutional right to life.
  • People build legal milestones and precedence off of things like this, so if you are screaming for lockdowns to end, regardless of consequences, you may have that come back and bite you later when someone wants to legalize abortion, or lift restrictions on abortion, in your state.
  • Dear Mr. President, you may want to consider having other “experts” look at all this Corona virus stuff while you’re digging into corruption. Many feel it’s the left’s way of controlling, scaring, and manipulating you/the country/the election process and/or bring in NWO/Socialistic Gov’t.
  • I mean there are already reports of numerous false negatives and false positives. To top that off they are counting everyone in the household as being positive if one person has it. Really? I can tell you as a Mother and Grandmother, over the years, I have not been as sick or sick at all as some of the people in my house.

They would NOT be counted for any other flu, virus, etc. So why are they being counted now? Also, why are Hospitals and Funeral Homes being pushed to put COVID-19 on records or Death Certificates when some of these people didn’t even have it? Just to boost their funding? That’s fraud, waste and abuse!!!

A BIG question on a number of peoples minds, is there more going on and we’re not being told to keep us from panicking? If so then, don’t you think it’s time to let us in on the situation? Or is this another ploy to make you look bad? Or is this a failed attempt to hopefully boost your ratings? Either way Mr. President the People want answers. And truthful answers at that!!! Thank you for your time and have a safe Memorial Day.

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shirt, v-neck, tank top

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