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I believe, that man and woman as a couple should be a little similar one to another. I am not about appearance of course and even not about interests and hobbies, but about life position and rhythm. Actually, he didn’t, cult member. After the 60 minutes interview that he walked out on they gave Lesley Stahl a huge book that had nothing about a health plan, cult member. If he has one, post it here, cult member.
  • The main is not who you are or who I am but how this will work in combination. I think, that kindness and openness is important, loyalty and understanding. you can text me on 8313463428 i will reply with more of my pictures Happy Halloween day.
  • The Israel state can’t forget Biden and Obama, they hurt us badly and betrayed us in the UN. We saw what happened during their time in the White House. That was horrible. During Obama there was no peace here – ISIS raised, Hamas started fight us in 2009,2012,2014 and Iran got stronger. Iran wish to destroy the US with us and burning our both flags while they develop Nuclear weapon.
  • Obama made a deal which allow them to get the bomb in few years, Trump stopped that and made just now 3 peace agreementa including Sudan who left their bad intentions and paid 335M $ to American terror victims families.
I tried to send you a friend request but didn’t go through please send me a friend request I have something to ask if you don’t mind,  Yep, my family saw their monthly premiums double and deductible doubled under Obamacare and small rural hospitals were forced to close due to Obamacare.
 Western leaders. Macron doesn’t care if his country is occupied by anyone who tells him that the white man is infertile. While you are insulting the Prophet Muhammad, take over your country and increase the number of marriages and births of your people and advise them to have more children.
The land of the white man will be taken over by other people who have migrated from other continents. The white man’s family only had two children and that is why they need to take refuge. Europe and the United States will take over the white man in the coming years until 2060 when history arrives. black people and islam and asian will take over the united states and europe.

Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask

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