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I work in Training and Development. I can tell you from experience, the training manager, the content expert, and their HR Equity and Diversity people were at least chewed out, probably one of these individuals received a written reprimand. More than likely, the people that suggested the anti-Trump and police ban were probably forced to resign.

  • Allot people bashed trump for telling people not to buy from a American company but he was effective at getting them to back off from their stance. No no too late now!!! You better keep to your convictions! Stop back pedaling and stand for what you believe! I am done hearing all this two faced lying!
  • Their policy should be: if it not about Goodyear tires, you don’t wear it. Period! Keep it all out of the company. Focus on the job of making and selling tires. When you pick sides, you loose half your customers. When the work day is done, do what you want.
  • This seems like it goes to the top. They were very out of touch and tried pandering to the left. Big mistake. Stay neutral. Focus on tires. POS blaming lack of management outside the corporate world of the company is irresponsible and employee abuse…

Too late….is someone going tp be cancelled? Isn’t they the way of the world now or is that just the position against anyone not pro BLM, Democrats, radicals?

Why did they allow anything at all. By allowing some, they created their own problem. But why did they specifically come out against the president and the police if that isn’t their policy.

Wait until every cruiser needs new tires and they aren’t goodyears anymore or they no longer get govt contracts…..you think your sales suck now.  So Trump was right to be outraged by the policy and got the results he wanted. End of story

That’s BS, corporate always know, they set the policies. If they didn’t know, there should be a lot of HR management fired. Cat is out of the proverbial bag…boycott and teach this company a American lessen.

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