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Even if I quit work we need 2 incomes for our family. How is that right? She needs it for her numerous doctor appointments and PT. We have BCBS but still pay aloy out of pocket. I always thought it was based on their disability not the parents income. Definitely the for a change.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Is it not true that for low income families they have to reapply each year for benefits? I’ll research this but have wondered how anyone with less resources and time can possibly navigate parts of the systems we have in place.
  • The problem is so many people have a lack of understanding or education of who Medcaid actually supports. Thanks so much for giving this information since sooo many people who I know that are Republicans just think anyone can get Medcaid and think people are living off the government for free.
  • They are not aware who Medicaid actually supports. I have had to make sooo many comments educating people what and who Medicaid actually supports. I find it very frustrating sometimes the lack of education simple because people do not just look information up. I also worked in social services so I personally know there is a book of information people have to submit to even get Medcaid. Thanks again!

I have always believed expansion of Medicaid would be the best way to move toward universal insurance. In my years in Public Health I saw Medicaid expand beyond 133% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for what was then called Aide for Families with Dependent Children (welfare) to 185% for Pregnant women and Infants.

 The next big step was expansion to 185 % for all children under 18 which meant over 50% of SC children were covered. My thought is they should move up the age limit up as fast as feasible and lower the age for Medicare. Each state makes these decisions once federal guidelines are established.

ACA was not strategically thought through and many did not qualify because they were older than 18,young adults, still living with parents . Parents income was included so they were “over income”. Sadly so many young folks can’t move out ! Some states have expanded eligibility over 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines . Sadly, some of those states have financial issues. Our states are too poor to go that high but even expanding older ages to 185% would help. That would include a number of working poor

Sheet music These are difficult times 13 8 5 4 face mask

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