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Love hearing the speeches. Tried to find on tv. Without cable speeches were hard to find, aired late and debunked by commentators or not aired. On computer, the connection was not fast enough and my tablet. failed

  • During the opening remarks of the Republican National Convention, Charlie Kirk, founder of the youth-oriented conservative group Turning Point USA, claimed that “bitter, deceitful, vengeful activists…have us locking up pastors.
  • Facts First: This connection is not true. Pastors in the US have been arrested for disobeying state and local social distancing orders during the pandemic by holding in-person church services.
  • The Republicans party use be the party of Albham Lincoln but now it the party of Donald Trump that is sad it use be a great party but not now corrupt party be cause of Trump

He’s right. If the Democrats get in they will dismantle the democratic system in the US. This could be the last free election in US history. Cut right out of the Trump cloth. Misrepresents his organization in Federal filings (so I’ve heard), collects money based on false pretense – yup, he’s just like Trump.

Any Republicans familiar, that live in Worcester, Massachusetts, that have holistic values, reach out to me, I want politicians that don’t take Worcester through the coals with small business taxes, and are fighting for the environment, and holistic healing, that’s very, very important, so far Shiva is the only one hear talk deeply, very deeply, passionately about this.

Wonderful speech…do encouraging. Such hopeful words from a young American with values and honor, Bless our president and YOUNG people like him. Thank you Charlie for supporting POTUS. Hopefully you can help the younger generation because god only know they need your help!!!!

3 trillion dollar spending deficit. Trump took his supermajority and squandered it to add just as much to the debt in 4 years that accrued in 8 years under Obama. Epic failure.

Be You The world will adjust Charlie Brown Peanuts shirt,tak top, hoodie

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