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The teacher should give him an A+ for letter writing and return his bucks. She is doing a great job as far as his writing is concerned. He didn’t mean it about her hair, he is just so angry. The teacher should not steal his bucks it is going to backfire on her.Next week he steals from her and he will be punished again.You just ask him to stop talking.You were not paid to take from him. Idc how mad he was he shouldn’t have written that letter. Hopefully his parents didnt c it first. & if they did-shame on them.. I’ve had plenty of disagreements with teachers but that isnt acceptable for kids or adults There should be special incarceration units for things like this. I say things because the child’s father is obviously not a normal human being so should not be imprisoned with others. He should be kept in a cage like other dangerous animals. This is more than a year old. The father was found mentally incompetent to stand trial. These stories live forever on facebook if we don’t check the original story each time we share it. Death penalty is too easy an out for this POS. He needs to be harmed severely and have to suffer in prison the rest of his life (no possibility of parole). If only our system worked the way it should. Put him to death! Jail isn’t punishment enough. How could someone do this to a child. Don’t blame the gun. That has to have someone pull the trigger. He could have used a knife, a hatchet any kind of weapon. He needs a slow torturous death. That creep needs to be shot in the face himself for his horrible way he treated his child and when he goes to prison he should get a long sentence and be left in with no time off for good behaviour This man is not insane. He had the present of mind to try to get the gun to work. And when that failed he went and got another gun. Please do not tell me there was no thought of malice. He knew what he was doing. He wanted to hurt her so bad he cared not a single bit about his own child. That is a psycho. Hang on front lawn of court house, serious we can come on a Saturday watch him hang I swear if people watch this shooting all this stuff would slow way down How could you do that to your son why didn’t you just do it yourself I shouldn’t say that but my God that’s your child this whole world is bad 2 year old baby can’t do something that bad for you to do that God bless that little angel.

















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