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I once had a wild pigeon friend. It came to my window asking to be let in. It was so smart. Cudly and friendly. In winter when it was cold it slept on the top of my book shelf. Lasted one year. One day it was gone. Rumours had it that kids killed it for fun.

  • You are an amazing person with these animals. They look content. Herman and Lundy are so dam cute together. Keep up with the great work you do. Lundy is adorable and her name is Monday in English but Lundy is Monday in French how sweet the name is perfect. Thank you for helping these little animals. Bless you.
  •  I had a rescued pigeon for over 15 years. A friend found it with a hurt wing in her flower bed. I took him home. He was fed soaked up cat food and wild bird seeds. He loved to be cuddled. I don’t know how old he was when I got him. He was an adult. I tried turning him loose when his wing healed. He wouldn’t leave.
  • If amazes me that some people don’t like pigeons, I think they are so cute and so intelligent all the messenger pigeons in the wars helped us a lot. Actually watch the video. Everything you’re “pointing out” about the pigeon’s neurological condition and the dog’s legs are covered in great detail. They’re being addressed fully and the animals are having regular and appropriate treatment. This video shows disabled animals being well taken care of and having fulfilling lives – ask yourself why you have a problem with that.

No, it didn’t happen by chance! God sent them to you, and your loving heart! Youve made a loving family….. you are an angel. Love this positive videos full of love and hope for animals with especial needs. You are wondeelrful people helping these dogs, and even a pageant to live a normal life.

Pigeons are known for caring for other baby birds and often feed babies that arent theres at all. Im assuming thts a large part of why Herman gravitates to the puppy so much. So cuuute

Don’t let the pigeon Spread germs I do not face mask

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