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Awesome speeches all 3 nights. Please sign an executive order that resisting arrest that forces the police to take necessary action is not a crime. Assaulting a Police Officer is not a misdemeanor but a felony offense.

  • Some of you people think that god put Trump in office. Has it ever crossed your mind that god is now trying to fix his obvious mistake by bringing on a pandemic and a hurricane at the same time to get him back out?
  • There’s no way I can vote for Biden, he is a creature of the Washinton swamp. Been there for way too long and has done nothing except become rich. But I really wanted Trump to help the seniors. He has bailed out everyone but them. They have to live on about 1500 a month. Unemployed people got as much as 2400 a month. More than they made in most cases. We paid into Social Security for years and will never get enough money to live on.
  • President Trump some one just came to the Walmart store wearing a Trump shirt threatening our health ambassador’s with a gun and calling them the “n” word. I think it was an antifa member, because I know you wouldn’t indorse that kind of behavior. They are trying to discredit you with the black voters. I wish you could tell my associate in person or a call to assure her that you don’t agree with that. Her name is Dawnette. We work at the Mesa Arizona Walmart on Mckellips

I applaud u ! Yes I applaud you as long as you also condemn violence as MLK did ! Next have some demands that are tangible as a start! Such as more funding for police for better training and vetting! Retraining and new equipment for non lethal restraining! Review of current officers incident records and firing those that show a tendency to work in the grey! Training and funding and integration of the police

in high crime areas! Look no doubt this is an issue that must be addressed and shame on Trump and Biden …. that I have to tell them what to offer up ! And Shame on BLM and it’s supporters for not putting forward any reasonable tangible starting points! First party to put this on the table wins in November! TRUMP STEP UP

I found it sad that President Trump has done so much for Americans but the news agencies NEVER cover it. They only want to spread the hate with the Democratics. No Coverage of the important work he’s done. If they would have reported on them I’m sure the Country would be singing a different tune. He’s been great for the USA. 

Mermaid She dreams of the ocean Late at night and longs for the wild salt air poster

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