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I’m so happy that this line up actually has some diversity and actual Halloween movies no superhero movies this is a good step in the right direction, not exactly their fault the way people have been about stupid stuff the past few years. just trying to avoid a scandal or bad backlash or what ever

  • needs to be kid friendly .. you have to go to other stations for those types of movies .. I’m sad they took practical magic off the line up,  a couple questions for you since you seem like you might know . I have Disney + so what were you saying is free on Disney + and what is freeform? How can I watch these shows?
  • I agree but they’re a family friendly channel but it’s a solid step in the right direction besides I have shudder for slasher films, Agree with it bein much better than previous years~ but still need to add The Ray Bradbury~ The Halloween Tree and Dark Shadows.
  • I have them on DVD but I’m still excited they are airing on this channel! I didn’t look at the full list but I’m happy to not see Harry Potter anywhere on this one haha. One thing that could make it top notch for me would be if you could air “Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire!” I love that movie so much! I wish it were released on DVD

Harry Potter isn’t on there because they lost the rights to air them a few years ago. And while I agree that they are not Halloween movies, I will say I would be fine with the 1st movie playing since it does have a brief Halloween scene in it.

I’m glad i ran across your comment because i was just skimming through the list and apparently,I need glasses. I cannot WAIT to see Halloweentown.I definitely like the list now. I know but I like to own the ones I really love because eventually they will replace those on Disney+ with something else like Netflix does.

I do have it as a backup though, Harry Potter will be on Syfy lol – I love Mom’s Got a Date w/ a Vampire. I’ve been done with HS for awhile now and I haven’t seen this movie since elementary, MAYBE 6th grade. I messaged Monstober last year (2 pages, the official one and another one), the actual page has yet to see it and the other page said it’s been lost in the Disney Vault, they’ll look but the page has since been deleted

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Is Coming 3D All Over Print Hoodie

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