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Thank you Mr. President for your hard work . It’s my prayer that you will still be our next President. You truly are a great patriot. God bless you sir. I pray also for the deputies shot. May God be with them and care for them. That they recover completely from their wounds. I pray as well for our President and Vice President, our country, family and those that are lost that doesn’t know Jesus Christ. I pray that they come to Christ Jesus now and seek forgiveness for their sins and repent. Should everyone pray to God and truly repent of their wickedness of sins , God will bless our country amen.

  • You are one of the few leaders who has been condemning the shameful rhetoric from anti-police groups rioting and harassing citizens. It’s appalling the support they get.
  • That woman deserves a medal for what she did! She was shot in the jaw and helped her partner and called for help! A true hero. Prayers to the wounded police officers and all the dedicated front line workers who are risking their lives to protect us. God Bless America.
  • God bless the president, the USA, and the police officers that go through dangers on a daily basis to keep out country safe. God bless all Americans and our foreign allies. I am a huge supporter. Let’s get him re elected and then get started on real change without the pressures of reelection.

What causes the DEMs to say and do absolutely nothing? They all continue to sit down like children and provide their constituents nothing! They have turned their back on law enforcement. We hear you Loud and clear. With every passing day, you provide the motivation for your own demise.

Thank you Pres. Trump for coming and showing you care. And to Czar Sissy Lacks (common sense) No one made the people show up. It was their right. They know a good leader when they see one. Praying for a quick recovery for them! I like the fact that we have a President that’s compassionate and will speak out against this!

The Most Important Shot In Golf Is The Next One Poster

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