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Surprising openness and acceptance, when you arrive with curiosity. Despite the expectations of seeing and experiencing the cafes and red light districts there was a comfortable atmosphere. The culture confident in who they have become, and willing to evolve with society. I have created many inspiring friendships. Hope to venture back again. We loved Amsterdam and spent 3 months near there in a town called Gouda. We were planning to move there to get the full benefits of Dutch culture and my kids loved it. Then CoVid hit. We watch your videos whenever we are homesick. Beyond Amsterdam, there are many beautiful Dutch towns to enjoy like Utrecht, Den Haag, Groningen, Giethoorn, Delft and so much more. Such a beautiful country. Just when I’ve retired and getting ready to make some travel adventures, covid comes along. I’ve always enjoyed Rick Steve’s shows. I guess it’s back arm chair tourist. Thanks for the Amsterdam verbal tour. Loved it. I moved to Amsterdam right before the pandemic. I am learning some interesting things about the city, for instance, they have begun to “water the bridges” this week. A unique phenomenon that happens during uncharacteristically hot weather, like we are currently experiencing. They continuously spray many of the drawbridges to keep them cool and prevent expansion that would interfere with their operation. It makes my bicycle commute……interesting.

















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