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It’s one of the worse situations I’ve ever known. I don’t have school aged children, but my grandchildren are in elementary and middle school. It’s not my choice, but I still feel awful.
There is no good answer. Which is the lesser of two evils? Sounds like an election. I don’t know. My heart is with everyone who must choose.

  • It’s been the hardest choice and I have moments every week where I find myself sitting in tears because I’ve never thought Id be in this spot. It’s absolutely overwhelming for working mothers and mentally takes a toll.
  • As the teacher with a small child, I feel so torn. He’s been in daycare. No cases, actually the children have been healthier than normal (we get a weekly email update). However, the nursing home 5 minutes from my home has over 20 cases now. A daycare nearby got its first case a few weeks ago. My mother and my in-laws are in their 70s.
  • My mother has to help take care of my 94 year old grandmother who still lives alone. I depend on my mom to help with my son. What if one of us bring it home and my grandmother gets it? She wouldn’t survive. My husband is a technology technician for the school system. He visits many schools.

It’s a dilemma for everyone. My daughter is a nurse and I have a granddaughter who is a teacher with a toddler. My son owns a restaurant. It can really get depressing. Praying God has the answer for all of us. Praying you find what is best for your children especially Amos. He is precious.

All of this. These are my thoughts. There isn’t really a good or safe choice in my opinion. I have shed tears because I want to continue to work with a vulnerable population as well as keep myself and my family safe. I worry that it is like a domino effect. All will come toppling down and it only takes one positive case to start an impact on so many others.

This probably shouldn’t say “in North Carolina.” In many counties, we don’t have the option at least through the first quarter (end of October). Everyone will make the decision that’s right for their family, but at this point I’m not even being given anything to decide unless it’s just to keep them virtual for the entire year as opposed to the first quarter.

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