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If they try to continue; just keep telling them w/o facts their words are meaningless. If it continues; just keeps saying the same exact thing over & over… usually silences them after the 3rd or 4th repetition. If they stop & get really mad that’s when you say… why are you mad at me? It’s not MY fault you don’t have any facts!! Just fun to leave them there steaming!!

  • The fedex guy who was picking up bulk stops along side me today was amazing!!! He helped me load 3 pallets on to my rental. We’re all in this together people. Brown, purple and even blue i suppose.
  • How the fuck do you get out?! It’s like the kid that sticks their head through the rails of the stairs and gets stuck!!!! Easy going in, not coming out!
  • I actually think it is hot to have a man that enjoys all types of women, but he can only love me, that masculine playboy thing is a big turn on, and I will share
  • Insecurity is always the typical response of some men. It is human nature for both men and women!! However In my opinion there is a level of respect in which we both do so in some relationships.

Its ok to look but touching and trying to conversate to try and carry it to a next level thats a different thing shoots it won’t kill u to look I’m a female and I’m human I look at other guys no harm in that

Women look and get talked at by men everyday and women respond and then don’t respond but the option is there they work beside men everyday.

The Grinch Let me check my giveashitometer Nope nothing shirt, hoodie


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