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I bought a roll of premium sparkly vinyl and a 11.5×11.5 transfer tape fell out of the premium vinyl too.None of my others had this transfer tape in it. Maybe a machine accidentally did that?

  • Because wallets & the contents are not water proof….a subtle reminder to the hubby…& if that doesn’t work then when he puts his work clothes in the washer … another reminder is available.
  • Thank you all for the inspiration. I had plans of making signs for mine, but then we moved. So now I need inspiration for my new room. This was great!! This is adorable! I just got a cricut and will open it and use it in a few weeks once we move. I can’t wait to make a ton of stuff
  • I got tired of looking up laundry symbols so I made a sign for it! My husband designed it for me. There are a few mistakes but we will fix them. Eventually, I haven’t used my cricut in a yr or 2. Decided to get it out today. Can’t get into the circut design space or need to download something to my laptop. Gave up. I’m not a computer wiz

100 In English and Spanish, plus 100 math folders for my students (or their parents/caregivers since they’re in 1st grade) to more easily find their materials during distance learning, My Cricut Maker has allowed me to start making miniatures in 1:48“ scale. Furniture, walls, woodwork, even the frame for the mirror were all cut on my maker! I used print and cut for the clock on the mantle.

I made this mask for my daughter. It’s an infusible ink transfer sheet on white glitter on a cotton blank. I LOVE using infusible ink this way. My daughter was super happy too!

I see. So in order too the infusible ink will stick on the fabric because its cotton needs to used 1st a white glittery htv and put the infusible ink on top of it?

The Golden Girls personalized tumbler

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