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Why is this song made me so sad .why is empire ending?I mean it’s an amazing show and the stories are always entertaining to me.god please I need a miracle keep empire on please. This was a horrible series ending!!! Writing.g was allover the place and didnt coincide with way the season started. A lot of unfinished storylines. This was horrible imo !!

  • You did that baby boy it you’re  keep it real about the Lyons nothing can take the place of Empire baby y’all are the best from a Queen yes baby nothing but King’s I salute and give you your props bow down to the King’s and Queen  really going to miss seeing all of you guys have a blessed day and wherever you go take God with you love
  • Nothing touches my soul like the first time she met her little boy after doing time and beats him with a broom. Dad, Terence H, comes out with the line. ” You met your mum”
  • I have to literally say the character Cookie is every woman. She laughs she cries and she’s mad she’s happy she’s in love she’s disappointed but through it all she shines like a diamond. Go ahead Cookie. Thank you empire I love this show

I love watching cookie on empire. She’s exudes power, strength and loyalty to her family. I truly respect and love you Taraji, you’re awesome and a beautiful, intelligent and strong woman. I will truly miss empire.

Thank you girl, you did that! I shall miss my cookie and the whole cast.sorry to see it end! I know that there are so many wonderful things in store for you young lady. God bless you. Cookie is an Amazing actress!! The entire cast was great but Cookie played that role.Nobody else could fit her shoes. Continue to be blessed and Love you

I love the character of Cookie, and Taraji is my favorite actor! She defines on ALL levels what a woman should be! The show is wonderful. There is so much talent in this show…great story. I will be so sad to see it go!

you showed up and showed out everytime you graced our TV’s you are the most talented down to earth person I am proud to be apart of the same city you are from#dcrepresent

Somewhere between The empire and the rebel There’s me shirt, tank top, hoodie

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