The best things in life mess up your hair Jeep shirt , hoodie, tank top


The best things in life mess up your hair Jeep hoodie

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You really don’t understand or you are trying to make me say something you can jump on? I think I know the answer to that…. Anyway, this 70 year old is off to bed I have cataracts and too much trouble reading at night. this is a pushback against the black lives matter badly handled demonstrations. If they’d been handled correctly there wouldn’t be a push back. The original slogan shouldn’t have been black lives matter it should’ve been all lives matter. The correct choice of slogan in the first place would’ve embraced everybody and got everybody on board because a lot of the people pushing back are not racist so the black lives matter movement has alienated a lot of what would have been supporters. It’s a shambles. that’s great , what do you think of BLMs objectives to defund the police and prison service and anti capitalism agenda, it’s on there website plus Wikipedia states there main sponsor and that’s no surprise, I just worry there is a hidden agenda.

I wouldn’t say they’re completely equal at all. The Uk has definitely progressed however there is not complete equality. Also a lot of racism in the UK is deep rooted and reflects through people’s ideas and opinions. Yes maybe through legislation the UK is more equal but not through social attitudes. white people have not suffered in the extreme ways that our fellow black brothers and sisters have, and continue to do so on a daily basis. Unfortunately it seems that some of us white privileged people will never see this for what it is… ll races has had the same opportunities in life for decades.










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