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Not a big fan of Waikiki but the Windward side of Oahu is gorgeous! But I will never turn down a chance to go to Hawaii, even if it’s Waikiki. Lol We lived on Schofield Barracks back in 1961-1963. Remember little of Waikiki other than going every other weekend to swim.
  • The minute you arrive in Hawaii, you get hooked on the Aloha spirit & then you never want to leave….I especially miss everyone @ the Embassy Suites Beachwalk in Waikiki. Stay safe everyone so all your guests can return to paradise once again.
  • Familiar sight in your photo- as I one time lived at the very end of Kalakaua, what I remember to be called the gold coast area- in a house that had that sidewalk just like in your photo -that literally went right past our house, as our house was right there- on the edge of the ocean, and that sidewalk was literally right there!
  • Not sure if the house is till there though -as I think there was a time the ocean tide got all funny kine, and wiped out some residences- but it truly was an excellent memory living there- and I am still very good friends with one of the people I lived there with-as she was as special as this memory of living there was and is!
No, its way too busy & Americanized for me ! Way too expensive as well, those hotels & their added hotel costs are out of control. The beaches right in front of those hotels are full of peoples suntan oils & lotions because they dont care about the sea life at all. So we go elsewhere now because of all that I just described !
she’s trying to convey to mainland people, such as yourself, that that Island atmosphere has dwindled. It’s become another mainland look, with Americanized everything. Totally erasing the native culture from the way it was years past. Since you probably don’t live here, or are not from here, or perhaps even have not grown up here, wouldn’t get the comment.
No those hotel costs are out of control, as expensive as you make it. Not ! I’d go to one of the other Islands before I go back to Waikiki again. I’ve been to Maui & love it there more so. Oh & Kelly you are out to lunch ! I bloody well know it’s America but just like Cyndi has explained it used to be way more cultural there & now it’s lost that appeal for me !
I was blessed with my son getting a full scholarship at U of H playing football. He spent 4 1/2 years thete- so I get the locals side of Oahu and the tourist side (like most states). I certainly dont spend any time in Los Angeles and am a So CAL native.

The Beatles Hawaiian Shirt

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