Thank You Undertaker 1984-2020 shirt, hoodie, tank top


Thank You Undertaker 1984-2020 hoodie

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I think withe makes diference people identifiq are misionaries for the way they dress I don’t like sisters on pants mission need to be special. I’m not against sister missionaries wearing pants in instances where riding a bicycle would prove difficult, but I am against young women wearing pants when pants are a more distracting and form fitting when a skirt is more flowy and less revealing. I’m also against “sisters” or “brothers” trolling on Facebook for their own amusement, simply because it’s bad form and it causes strife. On another note, the sister missionaries here don’t ride bicycles, they drive automobiles…the elders typically walk, ride a bike or in times of inclement weather, drive. If anyone wants me to wear a dress at church at any time, I’ll sign my way out and the door won’t be hitting me on the way out because I know how to hold it open for people, including myself. We need some healthy Christian based strife. This post is a great place to start: Men wearing shirts that are still worthy of their calling, and woman doing exactly the same thing. We are not being prissie about a plant white shirt sleeved shirt. It’s not like he is showing anything he shouldn’t out to show, and hate to say it, but dresses are more revealing and risky for girls, so let’s face it, dress appropriately for safety and for professionalism. Easy. Just my first impression with your question: I think that our cultural norms and dress have become very relaxed. These are still a step above what most people are wearing today? a lot of people from other cultures, even here in the US, associate the suit with either organized crime or CIA or Immigration. It makes them not want to interact with the Elders because they’re scared. My husband ran into this on his mission in San Francisco.

















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