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A prince must be prudent enough to know how to escape the bad reputation of those vices that would lose the state for him, and must protect himself from those that will not lose it for him, if this is possible; but if he cannot, he need not concern himself unduly if he ignores these less serious vices.

  • Your problem Mr President is that you just talk without thinking of the consequences and your intentions are good but the delivery is very bad,that is very frustrating for many people and that’s overshadow the beautiful job you’ve done so far for the American
  • That’s an absolutely astute comment. Sometimes you just cannot say what you’re thinking. I have no complaints about his tenure of his Presidency..he’s done amazing things for this Country.
  • Why is everyone ripping on Kgaugelo Mokwena? All of you ,as well as myself know that sometimes he says things that are “cringeworthy ” and just because we voted for him and will again, doesn’t mean we have to like or approve of every thing he says and does. That’s like the terrorists better known as BLM think if you’re black and don’t fall lockstep to their ideology you’re an Uncle Tom..Kgaugelo Mokwena said the President has done a beautiful job. Why is he being attacked?

trump is more holy than the pope. He never told a single lie, in his whole life. trump is perfect. trump is god. bend over trump, your fans are lined up and waiting. trump is perfect in every way, the way his chicken hair flops in the wind, his little beady eyes. they look like shark eyes. ‘Great white’ shark eyes. trump is your leader of law and order, all heil trump

Our president gave a beautiful, heartwarming message. I had tears. Each year I hear more heartbreaking stories I hadn’t heard before. I will never forget!

Thank you President Trump for all you do for us it has not been easy when you get no help from any of the democrats. It’s been an up hill battle but you still continued to get it done. Shame on all you people . Love the USA or leave. God bless our president and God bless the USA. TRUMP 2020

Sons Of Anarchy 12th Anniversary 2008-2020 Signature Thank You For The Memories shirt, hoodie, long sleeve

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