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Been humming this song for the past 30 minutes after hearing it for the first time. Perhaps we’re on to something:). Well done Bruce! Leave it to Bruce and the band to bring back a positive vibe for 2020 so exciting and beautiful song!! Can’t wait for the album! Thanks Bruce and The Band

  • I’ve been a fan since the 70’s and I currently live inside a fire evacuation zone, so all of your CD’s have been moved off site to what we hope is a safe spot. Looking forward to adding this one, after many plays Im sure!
  • Decade after decade, Bruce has been the steady mainstream artist and rock & roll performer for the past 50 years. The E Street Band still rocks it as well. Just had a pace maker fitted two days ago… made my bloody day Boss Man! Look forward to seeing you again
  • Delighted to hear something upbeat and new from the E Street Band, hope Jake pops up on the new album…
  • Not really feeling this song at the moment feels a kind of weak lead release but maybe it will grow on me.
  • Can’t wait for the album though and hopefully next year, the tour
Oooh so delighted and excited to see and hear you Bruce and the wonderful E STREET BAND.. please come back to Ireland to see us soon .. we need a good night out with you and all the band
There is something so magical that happens when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band get together. Not just only are the songs brilliant, but also they become timeless classical songs that you would listen to over and over again
You gotta love it after these desolute times , it’s awesome news something good
to hear, Bruce n Patti the E-street band are just the most dedicated muscians ever from Gary Tallent to Max n Jake sure has been right incredibile fillin in the, shoes of his Uncle Clearance noone can. but Jake’s done a incredibile job. Anyways can’t wait for the rest of the new album n October

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A. lyrics poster

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