Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster


Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster 1

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We can all be someone’s hero, a smile, a helping hand , a hug, an act of kindness and being a positive role model. We can all stand up for what is right, we can make a stand and raise our voices against injustice. We can all do our part to make this world a better place. Be someone’s hero… My son found a homeless cat she looked like she was pregnant i took her in. I went to work and got off work at 6:00 in the morning and guess what she delivered 2 but had a hard time delivereing the last one so i helped her it was a pretty little girl that i named after me shronnie. I adopted a rescue that I was told was palliative. They figured she would only live about 2-3 months. She had lost the will to live because she was so badly abused and used for breeding. She had been thrown out on the street, had broken ribs, pyometra and had to have half of her teeth removed because they were so rotten. She was only 8 at the time. Next month will be our Four Year Anniversary of being part of our family. She is no longer anywhere near dying. We adopted an abused greyhound in 2006 that was so malnourished it was unlikely he’d make it. We bought him home and we got 10 amazing years with him until he left for rainbow bridge in Feb 2016. A gentleman and my baby ‘big’ boy who I miss still What a wonderful lsdy.Thank you for giving that poor baby a name.Destiny is the perfect name because she truly met hers.A safe and loving life.God bless you. This is a gross thing to do to a dog. acupuncture as a treatment for anything has no backing in research or science. There is no serious science showing a benefit for this treatment. You only go down the rabbit hole of non-science and “alternative” health modalities to dredge up some invalid studies that try to show positive results. I’m sure this person has the best intentions for this rescue dog, but you discredit this site to show her allowing this disproven, useless “treatment” being done to the dog.

















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