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This is more crying and lying from the left because they can’t control the people. The wheels of justice turn, and it is important that seat is filled before the election. The dems are crying fowl play only because they don’t have the upper hand. We know if they were in the White House they would care less what Mitch McConnell said in 2016

  • Why suddenly do they support Mitch now? They didn’t when he said it in 2016. Obama sure tried to get his pick in there. Thank God Democrats didn’t have the senate then and thank God Republicans do now. All good for America!
  • Just following the same actions the Dems took? Why is it an issue for them now? And remember, it was the Dems who pushed for the filibuster rule change using the nuclear option to change the 60-vote rule on executive branch nominations.
  • Now the Dems are screaming that the President shouldn’t fill the seat (which there is no law preventing him from doing so as it is his job, just like it was with Obama, it just didn’t get voted in) and it’s because their own change to the filibuster is about to bite them in their own ass!!

No the Democrats are the ones destroying America! Any time it’s ok to kill unborn babies, not want to take care of your citizens and take care of other countries first, tell lies, say evil things and do evil things to destroy a person…. that my friend is what’s going to destroy America!

Thankful your our president yes sir I agree we do need to fill that seat nobody in public service can dictate who is to fill a.public position that seat BELONGS to we the people not Ginsberg not the Democrats we Republicans hold the decision now and the vote

Snoopy Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

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