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My favorite bird. I just adore them and my house proves that. Cardinals everywhere. I have them in my yard. Keep lots of food and water for them. I feel close to my spouse when they are near. He loved them to and they always make me smile. So glad you were there to help this magnificent bird.

  • As they say, when a cardinal comes to visit, it is a sign from someone who has passed has come to reunite, apparently you have a loved one from the past from this post very close to you that wants to remind you of them
  • Wow, that amazing! That bird could’ve been partially concussed because he was hit by something. He recognized you weren’t a threat to his life. Once he was rested, he was able to fly away again. I’m pleased you took the time to have checked out a solution for him.
  • Yes the Cardinal is a sign from Heaven. You are lucky to have been able to hold or touch without the Baby flying away. Love the Cardinal.
  • We have a feeder on our Porch & every night a Cardinal comes & listens to my husband “talk to him”. He will say “hi, come on, you can do it” -&- sure enough that little fella will get on the feeder & eat

My Grandma’s favorite bird. She had on that would come our side porch on the railing and they would have a conversation. That is completely amazing! Cardinals are Whispers from Heaven…..you did a good thing!

You are so lucky to have had this experience! Cardinals are a spirit birds. He most likely has a mate somewhere or sadly something happened to her. Cardinals are mate birds. “Cardinal Spirit Animal

The red Cardinal is far from an ordinary bird. Cardinal spiritual meaning is that of love. This spirit animal that wings its way into your life when you are on the horizon of a new relationship or other significant event filled with romance.

Snoopy St. Louis Cardinals face mask

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