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I am not organized. I am distractable and anxiety-ridden. But I know the 5yo with asthma could suffer severe illness, and all would suffer horribly if they bring it home to me or their grandparents that we live with. We have too many “high risk” people in our household. My kids need school way more than the average kid, but have too much to lose if they bring COVID home. Rock. Hard place. Me.

  • I have no children but I absolutely adore my two great neices (both age 10) and great nephew (age 3).
  • I am bewildered by the political takeover of this health crisis. I heard someone say yesterday! Close all schools for a year and no virtual then go back to normal! I asked what will be normal? No one knows! Poor Mothers and mothers who are the only one who has to work. Its the biggest Catch 22 I’ve ever seen!
  • I live in Singapore for work. Our cases got really bad here and we went into hard lockdown for 2 months. It’s been mandatory masks and temperature checks here ever since. Now, the economy is fully open, 3-4 cases a day, and schools are back in. Social distancing & masks do work… but it’s all or nothing. The half in, half out strategy will only perpetuate the limbo.
Masks have been used in Asian cultures for decades as a courtesy to not spread your cold. Not sure why it’s so hard for Americans to understand. It surely didn’t have to be this hard. totally agree. It’s the narcissism plague that’s a direct result of well, the last 4 years especially. But not limited to just this one administration. Can be traced back further for sure.
Im not totally disagreeing with you in talking about the last 4 years, but it’s an American culture problem. The current majority hasn’t faced REAL hardship. They’ve seen it on TV or have heard of it but have never experienced it for themselves. It’s an epidemic of spoiled children who are tantrumming because the first limit they’ve ever dealt with has been set and they want to go back to a time that doesn’t exist anymore
 I agree with everything you say- I feel like yesterday the White House hated and discredited the CDC, now today the CDC is something we should listen to about school for our kids? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t believe in living in fear, but- and that’s a huge but- we don’t have anything if we don’t have our health.

Snoopy Namas’tay 6 feet away Yoga face mask

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