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I am 51 and they are my favourites, this was first time I had seen them live at Docklands and many times since with the latest at the O2 in January. Such energy even now if you have never seen them live you have missed something truly awesome

  • I was at the docklands for this, slipknot put on a fucking amazing show and display. Sound wise, not the greatest, but theres not a band out there today that could bang off a couple hours with that energy and showmanship
  • I have seen that dvd over 2000 times.. at least twice a day for over 3 years when i was younger hahaha.. still know all the words.. ALL.. songs, comments.. everything.
  • I remember having the VHS copy at home and putting it on every morning while waking up for  high school.. it was like Pre- Workout before school..
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Slipknot People = Shit shirt, tank top, hoodie

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