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I’m not a democrat. And if there was ever a baby that throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, it is that child in office that you refuse to see for what it is. not from what I see. All I see is democrats crying and wheeping. Lmao. Just look at antifa and blm acting like children in the streets.

  • They whined about Obama’s tan suit, and any other trivial thing that came along because they couldn’t handle an intelligent black man in the office, all along building up hatred and resentment, which is why they lowered all standards and went for that orange menace. Besides, why are you so hostile toward feelings? What happened along the way that made them not okay for you, a sign of weakness?
  • why is it all of a sudden u democrats want mail in voting. U mean to tell me antifa and blm can gather in groups of thousands but we can’t vote in person. Gtfoh with that crap. get your tissues ready for another 4 years. Lmao. And how did he cheat again. Last time I checked democrats spent 3yrs investigating him but aint found nothing.
  • They’re going to need cry rooms, teddy bears, pacifiers & all of the things that they had to do “for” the poor college students who had to have counseling and all of this after the 2016 election!! Trump has a back bone and a strong man, In every way possible as a man could be! Biden is a weak minded politician who has not accomplished much in his career except be labeled creepy Joe.

We used to have to show an ID here in NC …..but our horrible governor changed that…..he has got to go! And no I did not vote for him nor will I this election….. because everyone from the north are moving south. They are screwing the southern states up with their demo

Tonya Payne Bennett The law was struck down by federal court and taken to the US Supreme Court who refused to here the appeal. It was unconstitutional. He is so caring, and thoughtful, doesn’t call people names, cares about everyone, doesn’t tell lies, will be a president for all, not just some. He is such an honorable man. He is everything Trump isn’t. I want to give Joe Biden a chance to be president.

Skeleton Tarot Card The Lovers poster

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