She believed she could so she did face mask


She believed she could so she did face mask 0

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It takes two to have successful marriage and yes God bless cause God is a big part in a marriage he needs to be your first love then your husband and children and family Marriage is great!! I’m in the military and marriage is very incentivized for the wrong reasons and the divorce rate is extra high. So, any time I find out someone if getting married I always make sure to tell them how wonderful it can be. 2 years down & only growing closer! Been married for almost 20 years and I dont even want to imagine a different life. I love my wife more now that we have been through tough times together than I ever have. Our marriage has has some rough patches, but anything worth have is worth working for. Until death fo us part.  Been married to my high school sweetheart for 42 years been together all most 45 three sons and so far two granddaughters we started with very little been through layoffs God always saw us through its not always been easy but I wouldn’t trade day of it married life is worth it but you have to both give and take and make God part of your life! Been with my hubs for 6 years and married for almost 1. 1 toddler later and another on the way and we have grown together, faced hardships together and just built a stronger relationship. Of course there are rocky times but it just makes the good times even sweeter Paul you are great and best wishes no it’s not easy(first 5 years were great) but you hit your rocky roads but if its meant to be you hang in there our wedding vows for better and worse in sickness and in health times get tough but if YOU want it to work it will if you and Toru need some time alone I know you have your parents but I will take kids in a heart beat because that’s just as important alone time.

















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