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Yes most sharks must move in water forward to breath. That is also why he let the shark swim in bigger puddles because he knew this, if the shark sat still, he knew it would not be able to breathe. And 2nd, sharks actually love scratchies. There is video proof on youtube you can easily look up, a lady swims with sharks, an helps them get hooks out of their mouths.

  • They swim up to her an she can scratch their tummys, an they will flip over for her. They enjoy it, they also show comfort with it, they will not harm you. Simone Emanuele Restelli – what really interests me whenever this type of film is posted is that so many of the people who weren’t actually there would have done it so much better than the person who was.
  • You may be right, but you weren’t there. He’s not a fish expert (as you so obviously must be, oh genius, but just an ordinary bloke doing his best. On this occasion I’m quite glad he filmed it because sharks get a bad press, and this made them look cute and maybe gave them some good PR.
  • Yes it is, it’s a dog fish, which is a member of the shark family, and it is a juvenile or, to put anothewr way, a baby. I see a lot of people here are saying it’s not a shark, it’s a dog fish. They don’t know what they’re talking about. ‘The spiny dogfish, spurdog, mud shark, or piked dogfish is one of the best known species of the Squalidae family of sharks.’ Wiki.

Pretty sure that’s a member of the bamboo shark family they can adapt to shallow water, slowdown there breathing and adapt there breathing gills to suit outside of water for a number of hrs. It was probably doing fine until he came along and destroyed its plan as it hunts in the shallow rocks for food

A dogfish is a kind of shark. I don’t know if this actually is a dogfish. If they had known to put dogfish instead of shark, then they would also know that thing was right at home in those little tide pools. The guy, however well-intentioned he was, just ruined it’s hunting. Fairly certain that thing is perfectly comfortable going on land between the pools.

Shark Faces shirt,tank top, hoodie

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