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Wow! Imagine making all that glass over wood fires by hand. What skill and patience it took. It is an awe inspiring endeavor of skill and accomplishment. This is one of the most visually stunning structures I’ve even been in! I studied Gothic Art and Architecture as part of my Medieval Art curriculum in college and that made learning a lot of fun for me!

  • I LOVE these posts! It’s been fun revisiting some of the places I’ve been to & discovering new places to search for when we are able to travel abroad again. It’s through Rick Steve’s shows & books that my husband & I started traveling through Europe!! Thank you so very much!!
  • My grandfather was in the Army in WWII He told me he remembered walking through this church, looking up and seeing sky through all the bullet holes. One of the most insane churches I have ever been in. So glad we made time to visit on our last trip to Paris! So worth it. Pictures in no way do it justice.
  • i enjoy your programs for years and finally able and went in 2014 to Europe with my husband..he never had the opportunity .. we learned a lot ..thank you ..Rick Steve’s, This is a lovely shot, but IMHO no photographs can do this wonderful place justice – you have to see it for yourself, as I did for the first time in 2018. My dream is to go back and attend a classical music concert in this glorious space!

Rick, been following you for years on PBS. Thank you for bringing the beauty of world back into our lives with this forum. You’re the best. I can hear your voice as I read! I’m in Mexico now in retirement and can’t get your except on the radio so this is great!

Sainte-Chapelle is truly one of the most beautiful churches in the world, and an incredibly inspiring highlight of any trip to Paris. That moment when you step out from the staircase is beyond words. Thanks for sharing Rick!

Paris is incredible everywhere you walk.
By the way Steve, did you ever get into stained glass windows? I had a young high school teacher, Larry Johnson, who left Sacramento and went tho the Bay area and apparently became quite famous. He was such a talented man.

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