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Ibarra naah the first few seasons are the best in my opinion. I actually loved season 5 the most. It goes downhill after Lexie and Mark. But the most interesting cases we see in the early seasons with the original residents

  • Please review some House episodes, love that show! Definitely less drama and more medical to it than Grey’s imo. I second this! I’m new to House myself but Meredith in Grey’s annoys me. Like, she’ll have a patient who needs care, but she’s too busy agonizing about her relationship with Derek and she’s still supposed to be this amazing doctor? Ridiculous!
  • they tried to make her an amazing doctor right from the pilot. Just after Derek died the showrunners try acting like she’s a god. It’s seriously off putting and probably a major factor of why early fans don’t like the current seasons
  • I always try to watch it again (I stopped after season 8) and always stops at season 4/5. I only saw short videos on yt/fb and that’s how I know she won the Harper Avery award as well as how they screw up Alex character.

I have it easier. My job let’s me work from home seasonally so I usually have the TV running for background noise and can passively follow that way. I stayed on board until season 8 and then it became an effort to watch.

house is waaaaaaaaay more inaccurate than greys….at least greys does realistic diagnosis and even their medical conversions are correct…..yes there’s drama and exaggeration but it’s a show…..greys does a pretty decent job over most shows, I have no medical knowledge, but that is why I would love to see Dr Mike review some episodes. It always sound very legit, but would love to hear an expert’s opinion.

I’m working with doctors to try to figure out why I’m suddenly getting chronic ear infections that are so painful I become depressed and suicidal. I’ve shattered my fibula and tabula and was laughing with my sister in law in the ER, but I cannot deal with the pain of these infections. If I had to deal with House’s way of solving my issue I might need to be committed.


Valentino Rossi 46 The Doctor Bike cloth mask

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