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The mark of true love, enjoying the company of each other and sharing belly laughs! Keep laughing together, it’s good therapy! Love this couple. They made me laugh out loud. Genuine fun and games. Best humor is being willing to laugh at yourself from the gut. These two are fun to watch. Made me smile the whole time.

  • I do believe this game should be played at every family gathering. Me I would step forward to play.I can understand the laughter. Brilliant. One of the funniest ever posts. Pure fun. The Welsh accent makes it with the Musky laugh. I laughed so much, a little bit of wee came out.
  • I didn’t find it funny at all, but that’s just me. If they enjoyed it and are having fun, all the more power to them, and if they can make others laugh, bless them, people can use a good laugh in this day and age.
  • Omg I never needed to laugh so hard in my life it brought years to my eyes been under fire evac warning. Just what I needed,  I’m crying I’m laughing so hard and I’m sending it to my mom who’s home just burnt down and her neighbours and friends homes as well . I bet this will make them all laugh for probably first time in a couple days. Love it Lori! Best gift is laughter .

 I’m with you on this. She already has breathing problems. Why would you want to do that. Sorry I don’t find this at all funny., Hilarious This couple are having fun with all the ingredients you need to bake a cake the toppings are so funny what a great sence of humor they have easy simple funny game my sides ache through laughing

this looks like good fun , but the trouble i had trying to get flour during lockdown was a nightmare , wish i had known they were playing this game i would have brought a dish ha ha, sometimes we All need that. “Fun” we don’t have to have better IQ to Relax, Sleep, Eat, and or even to laugh…so why even bring it up about how Smart your brain have to be to just have pure Fun… Loosen up and enjoy life as if it was your last day with your loved ones in this tough time of COVID,


Rock Paper Scissors Throat Punch I Win Stitch shirt, hoodie, tank top

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