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Build some bike lanes and the problem shall be solved. Riders have the right to a safe working environment and riding on King Street in particular is a death wish. Fining people who are just trying to stay safe, especially in this economic climate is low.  when you do not feel safe to ride on that road and it is your job to deliver along there in the fastest possible time….. it does justify it!

  • or the laws need to change. In general we seek to protect people in the workplace to ensure a minimum standard in safety and pay. That’s not happening here, and the workers are the ones being fined for it.
  •  you have probably voted in governments who have permitted such underpaid, casual, piecework contract employment. I am sure you probably even get the pizzas delivered by the riders
  • Wentworthville and when I take my dog for a walk in the morning, they are always coming down Centenary Rd and ringing their bell for me to get out of their way, sometimes frightening the dog as well

Hope they make better judgements these people are not paid well and some are migrant workers. I heard one women fined as she was just arriving to pick up food and was not in a position to pay police say bad luck.

All the time in the world to prosecute the most vulnerable and lowest paid workers in our society while real criminals get away with pretty much anything. Set your priorities right., They do this through Petersham and Lewisham down New Canterbury Rd. I’ve nearly been collected a few times because they’re too busy reading their phones.

Are you kidding me??? So instead of education, support, ensuring road safety for drivers often vulnerable and low income earners , you want to fine!!! Can police please reassess their priorities and remember the real crimes in society and preventing those!

Ride Bicycle vintage poster

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