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Wonderful family. You guys are fantastic. So many dogs and still you take in a baby and make him part of the family. I only wish i had the money to care for animals like that. I would operate a huge sanctuary for all animals. I prefer them to most people. They give you unconditional love

  • My Great Umcle Harry, had his donkey live in his house for many years! Lost him the flood o Sioux falls, he was lost and the town came together and got him a new one!
    He is the miner for Black Hills Gold!! My Great Uncle, Harry Hardin!!
  • That all are German names (Walter / Panzer) – very interesting. Would love to know about the story behind the names. What happened to his mom? Walter is so cute. I wonder though, will he grow big? Like when he’s adult donkey size, will he be able to still be in the house having cuddles? How will he cope if things have to change?

That is really amazing to see the love for a donkey. I love it. And the love he has for his humans and dogs. Thanks for sharing.  Thanks for saving this awesome treasure..A definite tearjerker for me..What a happy resilient, gorgeous baby..I’m so happy she has a second chance at life with this loving family!!

My heart hurt when I first saw that extremely sad, beat up face!!She was so dull in the eyes and I am always in awe of the resilience of the pitties as to how they come back and actually seem to smile when they recover. Love and kindness by the right human hands works miracle. Thank you to all who saved her, they are all deserving!

Love pittie rescue stories. They are some of the most resilient, loving, smart and loyal dogs out there. I wish they didnt get such a bad rap. With love and appreciation they are one of the best breeds hands down. There’s a reason they were called nanny dogs in the 1800s

I adore how this woman speaks to this puppy. At the beginning she’s instantly connected with her and it’s amazing. Brought me tears of joy

Rick James – Fuck Your Couch shirt, tank top, hoodie

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